Season 2012/2013

If we wanted to devise an "overriding theme" for our programme for the coming season, it could well be "love stories and marriages".

In the "Waltz Dream", Lieutenant Niki is seeking an adventure as a diversion from marriage, just like the Count in the "Marriage of Figaro"; for Fred Graham and Lilli Vanessi, the stage serves as a continuation of their private quarrels by other means – providing us with plenty to chuckle over in "Kiss me, Kate". An excursion to the moon offers the characters in Lincke’s "Frau Luna" an opportunity to shake off old commitments and embark upon new adventures, and even – irritatingly – to re-encounter liaisons they believed to have been shaken off long ago. Comedy with serious undertones is to be found in "The Bartered Bride", in which Hans does not for one moment consider actually selling his beloved, and "The Poacher", in which Baculus certainly does think about something of the kind …

Our two ballet premieres, "Bluebeard’s Secret" and "A Midsummer Night’s Dream", are also very much to do with the sorrows and joys of marriages which are about to take place or have already been concluded.

It would, however, perhaps be putting too much strain on our "theme" to try to make it include our other two premieres: "Kreation und Tradition" is a ballet programme dedicated to the interface between "old" and "new" dance forms.

Wagner’s "Ring des Nibelungen" (performed in one evening in Loriot’s abbreviated version) is certainly concerned with love and marriage, but also with almost all the other great themes affecting mankind.