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Promethean Fire

Promethean Fire by Paul Taylor
Lontano by Martin Schläpfer
Ramifications by Martin Schläpfer
Beaux by Mark Morris
Promethean Fire by Paul Taylor<br/>Lontano by Martin Schläpfer<br/>Ramifications by Martin Schläpfer<br/>Beaux by Mark Morris
Paul TaylorPaulTaylorMartin SchläpferMartinSchläpferMartin SchläpferMartinSchläpferMark MorrisMarkMorris

With the premiere of »Promethean Fire«, the Vienna State Ballet presents for the first time the two outstanding artists of American modern dance, Paul Taylor and Mark Morris, in a programme that resides on the outer limits of the Prometheus motif: between hubris and humanity, catastrophe and beauty, creation and transience.
Taylor’s »Promethean Fire« supposedly came about in response to the »Nine Eleven« attacks. And although the choreographer later withdrew this association, this moving dance drama nonetheless occupies the space of an underlying mood of catastrophe.
In contrast, Mark Morris brings nine ›Beaux‹ to the stage with his wonderful sense of humour: beautiful men, real fellows, but also mates, gentlemen and innocent angels.

Martin Schläpfer responds to the powerful modern dance language of the two Americans with two miniatures: subtle motion studies shining in fine colours, dances like »the powder on a butterfly’s wings«. 

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Promethean Fire




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