General Terms and Conditions of Business relating to Required Safety Measures in connection with the COVID-19 Pandemic

by which the General Terms and Conditions of Business relating to Ticket Sales by the Austrian Federal Theatres (Österreichische Bundestheater)
and the General Terms and Conditions of Commission Business
are amended until further notice

1. General provisions

With regard to the purchase of admission tickets of the Austrian Federal Theatres for the season 2020/2021, these Terms and Conditions of Business shall only take precedence over the General Terms and Conditions of Business relating to Ticket Sales and the General Terms and Conditions of Commission Business in such instances in which the present Terms shall derogate from the latter. In other respects, the latter GTCs shall remain valid.

The General Terms and Conditions of Business relating to Required Safety Measures in connection with the COVID-19 Pandemic reflect the position as at the date stated below. The terms of ticket purchase and theatre attendance may be subject to change on an ongoing basis as a result of official or other stipulations. Where possible, the venues of the Austrian Federal Theatres shall provide relevant information in this regard. In any event, it shall be the responsibility of the individual to obtain information concerning latest developments from the venue websites (,,

2. Prevention concept and safety regulations

The Austrian Federal Theatres are aware of their responsibility when holding events; all stipulations of the Austrian Federal Government and Municipal Administration of the City of Vienna concerning the holding of events observing the prevention concept approved by the health authority for containing the COVID-19 pandemic shall be implemented. The management of each venue of the Austrian Federal Theatres has appointed a COVID-19 officer, who shall ensure compliance with the prevention concept.

The prevention concept also includes safety regulations applying to the audience, which must be observed without exception. The cooperation of the public in complying with the safety regulations is absolutely essential. Contravening such safety regulations may necessarily mean that the individuals in question will be refused admission or that such individuals will be requested to leave the theatre venue. In such event, ticket purchase prices will not be refunded. The attention of ticket-holders is drawn to the fact that any admission times printed on admission tickets, as well as details of entrances and communal lobby areas, must be heeded.

When entering the building, a protective face covering (over nose and mouth) must be worn. The face covering must also be worn during the performance.

The audience services team has been instructed to instruct ticket-holders as to appropriate behaviour and to seek to ensure adherence to the safety regulations.

The Austrian Federal Theatres shall assume no liability in the event of infections or resulting consequential losses. This shall exclude infections due to grossly-negligent conduct by personnel employed by the Austrian Federal Theatres at theatre venues.

Those attending performances and theatre venues do so at their own risk.

3. Personalization of admission tickets 

In order to enable swift contact tracing in the event of a suspected case of infection, without exception admission tickets shall be personalized and the name of each ticket-holder shall be printed on their respective ticket. Purchasers of tickets must obtain advance consent to data storage from the relevant persons.

No tickets will be sold to anonymous ticket-holders.

In order to enable any contact tracing required on the part of the authorities, when purchasing tickets, the telephone number and/or e-mail address of each ticket-holder must be notified in respect of each individual seat allocation. The data collected shall only be transferred at the request of the authorities.
The only person authorized to enter the theatre venue and attend an event shall be the person named on the ticket. A form of official photographic ID must be automatically presented to the audience services team when entering the theatre building.

Transfer of tickets shall not be permitted unless the name printed on the tickets is updated. Updating of personalized tickets may be processed at home using the print@home service (available on the website of the venue in question, i.e., or, and at At the box offices of the Austrian Federal Theatres, ticket updates may be requested up to one day at the latest prior to a performance.
The resale of admission tickets for commercial purposes is prohibited unless approved by the event organizer. In the event of authorized commercial resale, the Austrian Federal Theatres must be notified of the name, e-mail address and/or telephone number of the ticket-holder for each seat sold, and it shall be necessary to ensure that one seat remains empty between groups of ticket-holders.

4. Seating

Seat allocation shall take place in compliance with statutory framework conditions. Allocated seats must be strictly adhered to. The venues of the Austrian Federal Theatres reserve the right, for organizational reasons, to make different seats available from those stated on the admission ticket, though in the same ticket category. The instructions of the audience services team must be observed.

Until further notice, no standing places shall be available.

5. Commission market

Only an entire business transaction may be placed on the commission market, and not individual tickets forming a part of such transaction. Tickets from special ticket deals for subscribers to the Vienna State Opera may not be sold on a commission basis. 

6. Special provisions governing ticket returns 

6.1 Travel warning

In accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Business relating to Ticket Sales of the Austrian Federal Theatres as well as Section 18 (1) clause 10 of the Austrian Distance-Selling and Off-Premises Contract Act (FAGG), in principle there exists no cancellation right when purchasing tickets. However, an individual customer may cancel admission tickets if, between 14 days and one day prior to respective commencement of an event, the customer makes an application by which, at the same time, he/she shall provide documentary evidence of/substantiate the following conditions:

a) That the customer, at the time of making the application, is situated in a country outside Austria; and 

b) At the time of the application, there exists an operative official travel warning at level 5 (warning against travel to Vienna) or level 6 (warning against travel to the whole of Austria) on the part of the country in which the customer is situated. 

If all conditions are fulfilled, the customer (excluding resellers) will receive a refund of their ticket price via the original payment method or a payment method to be notified. 

Subject to documentary evidence of fulfilment of the terms set out under a) and b) above, resellers will receive, for the benefit of their customers, a credit voucher to the value of the ticket price.

If cancellation takes place in the period prior to 14 days before the event or within one day of the event, there will be no entitlement to a refund or credit. Furthermore, there will be no entitlement to any refund of disbursements, such as travel expenses or similar. 

6.2. Quarantine

In the event that individual ticket purchasers should be unable to attend a performance due to an official quarantine imposed in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, the price of the tickets purchased will be refunded up to one day at the latest prior to a performance, subject to presentation of official documentary evidence. 

7. Cast and programme changes

Changes to cast members, programmes and start times due to COVID-19 shall not give rise to any ticket refund rights. In the event that changes are made, ticket purchasers shall where possible be informed of such changes by the relevant venues of the Austrian Federal Theatres.

8. Cancellation of performances

If a performance is cancelled due to COVID-19, ticket purchasers shall receive a full refund of their ticket price or, if the event has been abandoned following commencement, a pro-rata refund. Refunds may also take the form of credit vouchers. In any event, any further claims shall be precluded. 

August 2020