Directions & parking

All roads lead to the Volksoper!
Volksoper Wien is easily reached by public transport and also by car.

Volksoper Wien
Währinger Straße 78, 1090 Vienna
Public transport: Underground line U6, trams 40, 41, 42, bus 40A
“Währinger Strasse / Volksoper” stop


5½ hours for just € 5.50 in the WIFI car park

Time credit tickets [Gutzeitkarten] for the WIFI car park are available for € 5.50 at the daytime and evening box offices of the Volksoper. 

When you drive into the car park, take a regular parking ticket. When you leave the car park, feed the parking ticket into the machine and pay the outstanding amount with your Gutzeitkarte (simply by inserting it into the ticket slot).
If you would like to park for more than 5½ hours, you can pay the difference using coins or notes, or by credit card or Maestro card.

Please note the expiry date on the Gutzeitkarte. To avoid demagnetisation, please do not keep your Gutzeitkarte in close proximity to your mobile phone. 

This offer can be used irrespectively of whether you are attending a performance.

Semperstraße 32-36, 1180 Vienna
or: Währinger Gürtel 97, 1180 Vienna

GPS coordinates:
48.2276674369, 16.348772049