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Das verzauberte Schwein

A musical fairy tale by Jonathan Dove

In German language

When King Hildebrand sets out to defend his fairy tale kingdom, his three daughters are left behind. Behind the door of a forbidden room, they discover the Book of Fate. The book prophesies the desired princes for two of the princesses, but for the youngest princess, it predicts marriage to a pig! However, it quickly becomes clear: the grunting, mud-loving creature is an enchanted prince! Brave and self-assured, the princess sets out on a journey around the world, fearing no danger to free her beloved from his curse. Along the way, she learns much about love, friendship, the moon, witches, and of course, pigs!

With his opera composed in 2006, Jonathan Dove has created a fast-paced, humorous, and poetic piece of musical theater for the whole family.

Recommended from 6 years


Musical direction
Michael Papadopoulos
Dot / Der Tag / Chorus 2
Mira Alkhovik
Flora / Chorus 3
Hannah Fheodoroff
Das Buch des Schicksals / Die Alte Frau / Frau Nordwind / Chorus 4
Camila Aguilera Yanez
Der König des Ostens / Der Mond / Chorus 5
Seiyoung Kim
Der König des Westens / Die Sonne / Chorus 6
Stanisław Napierała
König Hildebrand/ Herr Nordwind / Chorus 7
Trevor Haumschilt-Rocha
Das Schwein / Chorus 8
Smelo Mahlangu