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Die 2 ½ Tenöre

The tenor - he is probably one of the most mocked and at the same time most revered species among singers ... He surrounds himself with the aura of the sensitive artist, he is a youthful lover on stage and idolized by women after the performance. He will do anything to make his voice shine - and expects the necessary respect and tolerance from those around him. A mimosa with airs and graces, yet loved by all. And many a man harbors the secret dream of standing in the spotlight as a heroic tenor, acclaimed by the masses. But what drives our 2 ½ tenors? Take a look inside the artists' dressing room with us. That's where our protagonists meet. The sorrows and joys of a singer, anecdotes from the life of an artist, singing jokes, numerous arias and tenor hits - they perform all of this.