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Die Dreigroschenoper


A play with music by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill with the collaboration of Elisabeth Hauptmann

In German language

"The bourgeoisie’s affectation for robbers can be explained by the misapprehension that robbers aren’t citizens." (Bertolt Brecht) A world which rewards the superior crooks cannot be a good one. The Threepenny Opera is merciless in laying bare what the audience never wanted to see; that we are the ones sustaining this wickedness. Maurice Lenhard and his team present this classic as a struggle for survival in a cold and clashing world.


Carlo Goldstein
Maurice Lenhard
Malina Raßfeld
Christina Geiger
Franz-Erdmann Meyer-Herder
Jonathan Peachum, Chef einer Bettlerplatte
Carsten Süss
Frau Peachum
Ursula Pfitzner
Polly, ihre Tochter
Johanna Arrouas
Macheath, Chef einer Platte von Straßenbanditen
Sona MacDonald
Spelunkenjenny, Hure
Oliver Liebl
Brown, Polizeichef von London
Marco Di Sapia
Lucy, seine Tochter
Julia Koci
Jakob Semotan
Martina Dorak
Daniel Ohlenschläger
Maria Hegele
Georg Wacks
Filch, einer von Peachums Bettlern
Michael Havlicek
Smith, Konstabler
Nicolaus Hagg
Erste Hure
Eva Zamostny
Zweite Hure
Wolfgang Gratschmaier
Dritte Hure
Josefine Tyler
Vierte Hure
Regula Rosin
Fünfte Hure
Kevin Perry

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