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Die letzte Verschwörung

World premiere

A Myth-Operetta by Moritz Eggert

Die letzte Verschwörung is a parodistic ride over the abysses of today's conspiracy myths. The focus is on the successful talk show moderator Friedrich Quant, who more and more gets into the world of the "doubters of reality", due to a fateful encounter with a supposed Flat Earther. Around every corner a new explanation for the world, still more outrageous but at the same time more real as the previous one, lurks in Quants face. When Quant finally reveals the "last conspiracy", nothing is as it was before. Or is it? Moritz Eggert builds bridges and tears down walls. His musical idiom disproves all prejudices to new music. He composes undiluted music, which conveys a significant message to a wide audience. This work links the early Offenbach Operettas with the latest theatre language.


Steven Sloane
Christof Hetzer
Jorine van Beek
Otto Pichler
Alex Brok
Roger Díaz-Cajamarca
Friedrich Quant, ein Talkshowmoderator
Timothy Fallon
Elisabeth, seine Frau / Natalya Ostrova, eine rusische Unternehmerin
Wallis Giunta
Lara Lechner, eine Flat-Eartherin / Das SYSTEM
Rebecca Nelsen
Dieter Urban, ein Verschwörungstheoretiker / Mr. Goodman, ein FBI-Agent / Der Kanzler
Orhan Yildiz
Georgina von Solingen, Quants Chefin im Sender
Annelie Sophie Müller
Alois Dunkler, Quants Manager
Jakob Semotan
Edgar Binder, Quants bester Freund / Pressereferent des Kanzlers / GORD, ein Außerirdischer
Aaron Pendleton
Georg Wacks
Musik und Text
Moritz Eggert

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