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Gräfin Mariza

Operetta by Emmerich KálmánIn German language with English surtitles Operetta by Emmerich Kálmán In deutscher Sprache mit englischen Übertiteln
Emmerich KálmánEmmerichKálmán

In order to fend off wearisome dowry hunters, the wealthy and sought-after Countess Mariza announces her engagement to Kolomán Zsupán. This reputedly fictitious baron does in fact exist and accepts the invitation to his own engagement at the Countess’ estate. The estate is governed by the impoverished Count Tassilo, who wants to obtain the dowry for his sister Lisa. Tassilo woos Maria, who – i spite of herself – is interested in him. However, she believes Lisa is his lover, therefore believing that Tassilo is just a dowry hunter like all the others.“


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  • Regie Thomas Enzinger
  • Bühnenbild und Kostüme Toto
  • Choreographie Bohdana Szivacz
  • Licht Sabine Wiesenbauer
  • Choreinstudierung Holger Kristen

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