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Der Krieg der Knöpfe

A musical theater adventure for the whole family by Johanna Arrouas

In German and French language

Two French villages 100 years ago have been at loggerheads for generations, although nobody knows exactly why. It is the children who are fighting this battle. They regularly meet in the forest and fight each other. However, the fact that clothes are torn and buttons are cut off in the process infuriates the parents, who give the children a hard time about it. The gang of rascals must therefore show all kinds of ingenuity in order to continue the brawls.

The stage version, written by Johanna Arrouas, is based on the classic children’s book by Louis Pergaud and the iconic film version. Well-known chansons convey the French savoir vivre.

Recommended from 6 years


Stage direction
Johanna Arrouas
Bühne und Kostüm
Christof Hetzer
Lighting design
Alex Brok
Martin Lukesch