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La bohème

Opera by Giacomo Puccini

In Italian language with German surtitles

Puccini's opera tells the love story of Mimì and Rodolfo against the backdrop of the milieu of Parisian artists, students and prostitutes. For the poet Rodolfo and his artist friends, life is just a game they play to escape the bourgeoisie. But when his newfound love Mimì is ill and dying, life takes on a different form and suddenly becomes very real.

For this revival, the Volksoper Wien presents Harry Kupfer's legendary production, sung in Italian. With Kupfer (1935 - 2019), one of the most important opera directors in post-war history, there was often talk of faithfulness to the original work. Lotte de Beer paraphrases this concept as follows: "Always going back to the source, to the original meaning of a score in the context of its time, and only then seek a realisation that speaks to us in our present time." However, faithfulness to the original work is not only important in the creation of a new production; the term is slowly being applied to historical productions by top directors themselves, such as those by Kupfer.

For this new production, the Volksoper is undertaking an "archaeological" investigation of the source, namely the production that Harry Kupfer staged at this house in 1984.


Stage direction
Harry Kupfer
Revived production
Angela Brandt
Set design
Reinhart Zimmermann
Costume design
Eleonore Kleiber
Choir director
Roger Díaz-Cajamarca
Musical direction
Carlo Goldstein
Anett Fritsch
Alexandra Flood
Giorgio Berrugi
Andrei Bondarenko
Szymon Komasa
Aaron Pendleton
Daniel Ohlenschläger
Morten Frank Larsen
Jaroslaw Jadczak
Stefan Tanzer

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