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Plattform Choreographie 22/23

This season the Platform Choreography once again presents six choreographic talents from the ranks of the Vienna State Ballet. Together with their fellow dancers, they develop their own pieces, raise questions that are currently preoccupying the young generation, go in search of their own aesthetics, experiment, try things out, sometimes crazy, sometimes as an intensive body study, sometimes as a beautiful ballet or cleverly told, gripping dance theatre.

László Benedek creates a dance theatre about fears, inner struggles and doubts based on the Grimm fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.

In Wanted, Trevor Hayden is inspired by the life story of the legendary gangster couple Bonnie and Clyde to create a pas de deux about inseparability in the face of the most adverse circumstances.

In Martin Winter's Sen 0815, music by Johann Sebastian Bach opens up a world of imaginings, memories, but also nightmares for a man who, overtired from work, falls asleep in the underground.

Tessa Magda's Fall no Further revolves around questions of women's self-determination - in the relationship between father and daughter and wife and husband.

Adi Hanan's Shadows, set to music by the Israeli Mark Eliyahu, is a chamber piece about the questions of the inner necessity of art and the complete devotion that makes creative work possible in the first place, but also the danger of falling into isolation.

For Gabriele Aimes Like a dog with two tails, the invitation to "Dance like no one is watching" becomes a movement impulse - a piece about finding individual freedom in a life marked by daily routine.

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