The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess (konzertant)

Konzertante AufführungOpera by George GershwinIn English language with German surtitles Konzertante Aufführung Opera by George Gershwin In englischer Sprache mit deutschen Übertiteln
George GershwinGeorgeGershwin

This story about the beggar from Catfish Row and his beloved is a milestone of the genre and to this day has yet to be surpassed as America’s most significant opera. The concert performances constitute the third outing of this “folk opera” at the Volksoper, after a guest production in 1952 and an in-house production in 1965.


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  • Dirigent Joseph R. Olefirowicz
  • Choreinstudierung Thomas Böttcher
  • Porgy Morris Robinson
  • Bess Melba Ramos
  • Crown Lester Lynch
  • Sportin' Life Ray M. Wade Jr.
  • Serena Julia Koci
  • Clara Rebecca Nelsen
  • Maria Bongiwe Nakani
  • Jake Ben Connor
  • Mingo Jeffrey Treganza
  • Robbins / Nelson Alexander Pinderak
  • Peter Mehrzad Montazeri
  • Annie Ilseyar Khayrullova
  • Lily Sulie Girardi
  • Simon Frazier Morten Frank Larsen
  • Jim Alexandre Beuchat
  • Bestatter Michael Havlicek
  • Polizist / Leichenbeschauer Maximilian Klakow
  • Detektiv Axel Herrig

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