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The Poet’s Love(r)

That something can be lost in translation is a well-known fact, as highlighted not only in the film 'Lost in Translation.' However, this project aims to explore the opposite – what can be gained through skillful translation. Singer and poet Rebecca Nelsen has translated all 16 songs from Robert Schumann's cycle with texts by Heinrich Heine into singable English and juxtaposed them with 16 responses from the hitherto silent beloved. The translation will be performed this evening by the renowned tenor Eric Stokloßa, accompanied by pianist Chanda VanderHart, while Rebecca Nelsen herself recites her new texts. This results in a unique dialogue, an unusual, modern recontextualization of a timeless classic that you can experience before it is soon released on CD.


Rebecca Nelsen
Eric Stokloßa
Chanda VanderHart