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For the whole family

Text and music by Richard Sherman,
George Bruns, Terry Gilkyson & Al Rinker
Translation of the lyrics by
Heinrich Riethmüller and Nicolaus Hagg
Text version for the Volksoper by Nicolaus Hagg

In German language

Premiere on Sunday, 24 September 2023
Further performances on 1 October, 5, 26 November 2023, 14, 31 January, 17 March, 7, 28 April 2024

Suddenly they are out on the street! The house cat Duchesse and her well-cared-for children Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz are appointed heirs of the wealthy Madame Adelaide Bonfamille, which does not suit the butler Edgar at all. So the cat family must disappear, and immediately. Thrown out of the home, instead of music lessons, fluffy cushions and English tea, there are suddenly draughty attics, street mutts and chattering geese for the noble cats. On their way home they meet the street cat Thomas O'Malley, but which is more fun? The sheltered life in the house or the exciting life on the streets?

To the rousing songs of the Disney film and with a lot of imagination, the story of the cat family is brought to life. Because how does the cat band sing? "Cats need an awful lot of music" - and so does our young audience!

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