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Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)

Messa da Requiem

Ewa Płonka, Ekaterina Semenchuk, Michael Spyres, Ferruccio Furlanetto

Choir and Orchestra of the Vienna Volksoper
Singakademie Vienna
Conductor: Omer Meir Wellber

On Saturday, October 28, 2023, at 7:30 PM
at the Vienna Konzerthaus


"I don't believe that one must exclusively interpret Verdi's Requiem in a religious context. Verdi's Requiem does not represent the church. In my opinion, Verdi chose this Latin text as a means of expressing his fear of death.

Bach was lutheran, Verdi catholic, Bernstein jewish. What exactly is the difference in the fear of death between Verdi's Requiem, Bach's Mass in B Minor, and Leonard Bernstein's Kaddish Symphony?

Probably, each of us has had a glimpse of this feeling of fear of the last 30 seconds of life, of that moment before we close our eyes; the fear of that moment of absolute solitude, which is repeatedly explored in art. Trust me, there is no difference between Verdi, Bach, Tarantino, or Bob Dylan."

The concert will take place at the Vienna Konzerthaus.

For further information and tickets, please visit konzerthaus.at