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Press Reviews for Die Reise zum Mond (Journey to the Moon)

"With Offenbach's 'Journey to the Moon,' the Volksoper scores a hit." (Kronen Zeitung)

"With Alfred Eschwé, Jacques Offenbach's lively music is in expert hands. The Volksoper orchestra handles this opera féerie with enthusiasm, from the graceful horn solo in the overture to the sparkling snowflake ballet." (Die Presse)

"A journey to the moon that can offer hope." (Kurier)

"At the Volksoper, time flies by, thanks in part to Offenbach's score, which bubbles over with musical ideas, and also because the condensed two-and-a-half-hour family play offers delightful scenes, imaginative costumes, great voices, humor, and slapstick." (Falter)

"With Jacques Offenbach's 'Journey to the Moon,' not only has a hit been landed, but also two messages have been sent. Part one: Climate change affects us all, in this case, even the entire cosmos. Part two: It's also up to the children and young people to dream of a better world and to make it better." (Kurier)

"Offenbach's science fiction opera féerie enchants. Thanks in part to Barbara de Limburg's stage design featuring space travel, volcanic eruptions, snowstorms, and garbage dumps on Earth, it's a visual delight!" (Kronen Zeitung)

"This is lovingly and vocally, for the most part, brilliantly handled by the children's choir, the youth choir (rehearsed and conducted by Roger Diaz-Cajamarca, Elisabeth Kirchner, and Brigitte Lehr), as well as some members of the opera studio." (Kurier)

"The children's choir, the youth choir, and soloists from the opera studio have significant roles and, alongside the 'seasoned' protagonists, are the true stars of this premiere." (Kurier)

"Carsten Süss as King Zack, Aaron Casey Gould as the son Caprice, Paul Schweinester as Mikroskop, Christoph Stocker as Kosmos, Alexandra Flood as the lovestruck princess Fantasia are endearing grotesque characters and impress vocally. The excellent children and youth choir of the Volksoper was celebrated." (Kronen Zeitung)

"Fabulous conductor Alfred Eschwé and the spirited orchestra handle all the waltzes, couplets, arias, and chorus scenes with taste. Offenbach in Vienna - it almost always works. Cheers!" (Kurier) 

"However, the unique selling point of this production is the costumes. Especially with the snow-white, sculptural attire of the Moon people, Pelly delivers great creative art." (Der Standard)

"Christoph Stocker is a round Moon King with a lot of playfulness, Alexandra Flood is a vocally deliciously hysterical Princess Fantasia when required, Sofia Vinnik as Moon Queen Popotte, and Jonathan Hamouda Kügler complete the extraterrestrial population very well." (Kurier, 16.10.2023)