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The Merry Wives of Windsor: The first press reviews!

„The Volksoper presents Otto Nicolai's 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' as a ravishing parody with British slapstick, humour and a fantastic ensemble.“ (Der Standard, 15.5.2023)

„But the fact that all these ideas work out so well is also due to the performers. Anett Fritsch, for example, is a great Frau Fluth with a bright, articulate soprano, who finds her equal in Stephanie Maitland as Frau Reich. As Anna, Lauren Urquhart completes this power trio vocally exemplary.“ (Kurier, 15.5.2023)

„At the end there is rapturous applause and bravos for the ensemble, orchestra, conductor and leading team.“ (Der Standard, 15.5.2023)

„Much applause for the successful new production of Otto Nicolai's opera.“ (Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, 15.5.2023)

„And the gentlemen? First and foremost, the wonderfully comedic Martin Winkler as Falstaff. Daniel Schmutzhard as the jealous Herr Fluth is also brilliant, both vocally and as a performer, and Aaron Pendleton gives a very solid Herr Reich. As Fenton, the tenor JunHo You makes us sit up and take notice.“ (Kurier, 15.5.2023)

„Nina Spijkers staged Otto Nicolai's comic-fantastic opera for the Volksoper as a turbulent feminist circus that delighted the audience.“ (Kronen Zeitung, 15.5.2023)

„Conductor Ben Glassberg leads the orchestra with taste, joy and wit (...)“ (Kronen Zeitung, 15.5.2023)

„Spijkers brings Nicolai's work to the stage in an adorably funny, fluffy, light and fast-paced way. The fact that the three hours fly by is thanks to her excellent sense of humour and timing, which fortunately manages to get by without any tasteless thigh-slapping or embarrassing antics.“ (Der Standard, 15.1.2023)

„Both scenically and musically, 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' is an asset to the Haus am Gürtel.“ (Kurier, 15.5.2023)

„When Falstaff enters the stage in the form of Martin Winkler, there is no stopping him. Winkler plays the beer-swilling, belching philanderer with a belly and greasy hair so brilliantly funny that it's a joy to watch.“ (Der Standard, 15.5.2023)

„Cheers for all involved“ (Kurier, 15.5.2023)