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Aristocats: The first press reviews are in!

"'Aristocats' at the Volksoper - a triumph." (Kurier, 25.9.2023)

"Directed by Florian Hurler, already responsible for 'Jungle Book' at the Volksoper, this cat adventure purrs refreshingly briskly on the front stage." (Der Standard, September 25 2023)

"Conductor Tobias Wögerer is responsible for this [the music] on the podium of the playful orchestra. It swings and grooves perfectly; the hits are brought to the stage with great energy (watch out for clapping along!)." (Kurier, September 25, 2023)

"One of the most successful productions of Lotte de Beer's direction. The adaptation of Disney's 'Aristocats' proves to be a huge hit." (Kronen Zeitung, September 25 2023)

"That both young and old not only clapped along but also celebrated the participants extensively at the end of the approximately 70-minute piece is, not least, a merit of director Florian Hurler, who had already achieved a children's success with 'The Jungle Book' at the theater." (APA, September 25, 2023)

"In the end, euphoria among young and old." (Der Standard, September 25, 2023)

"Charming, how videos create comic-like landscapes in the stage background and, when necessary, convey plenty of pace." (Der Standard, September 25, 2023)

"Smart animations are used to create houses, landscapes, attics, or even Parisian landmarks, mostly in black and white like a comic strip. This is finely crafted and also gives the performers a lot of space." (Kurier, September 25, 2023)

"With a lot of swing, but above all with speed and fantasy instead of fluff and fur, the young audience will be thrilled from now on." (Die Presse, September 26, 2023)

"At the forefront is Lisa Habermann, who, in her white pantsuit, vocally embodies a duchess of luxury. Similar praise goes to Peter Lesiak, who practically becomes an incarnation of the kind-hearted, scruffy stray Thomas O'Malley. Daniel Ohlenschläger as Napoleon the dog and Wolfgang Gratschmaier as Lafayette, who falls into the dialect, complete the ensemble wonderfully. Julia Koci and Martina Dorak deliver a shining performance as the gastronomically vulnerable geese in France. And when a few children boo Butler Edgar at the final curtain, Nicolaus Hagg, who is also responsible for the excellent narration, has done everything right in this role. The participation of Jakob Semotan, Kevin Perry, and Eva Zamostny in an all-around cool cat pop band guarantees a lot of fun. Special praise goes to Hannah Lehner, Benjamin Ruzek, and Leopold Sommer (all members of the children's choir of the Volksoper), who, as Duchesse's children, win all sympathies." (Kurier, September 25, 2023)

"Standing ovations!" (Kurier, September 25, 2023)