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Ein bisschen trallalala

A homage to Fritzi Massary and Max Pallenberg

Ruth Brauer-Kvam: “No one shaped pre-war operetta like Fritzi Massary. She fought her way up to the Olympus of operetta like no other. She was the celebrated star of the Metropol Theater in Berlin. There she met the famous actor Max Pallenberg, a master of his art. Two people couldn't be more different, and that's why their love for each other was so great. These birds of paradise flew high and fell low. We want to tell her story filled with music, Jewish humor, feathers and sequins. Drama meets operetta, Palfrader meets Brauer. A tribute to the artists who inspire us!”

With Ruth Brauer-Kvam as Fritzi Massary and Robert Palfrader as Max Pallenberg.


Stage direction
Martina Gredler
Martin Lukesch
Madis Nurms