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My Fair Lady

Musical by Frederick Loewe, Alan Jay Lerner

in German language

It’s a true cult performance: My Fair Lady explores the power of language, and the power struggle between men and women. Since 1979, the musical has been captivating audiences at the Volksoper. Phonetics professor Dr. Higgins transforms the flower girl Eliza Doolittle into a lady of high society through rigorous language training. However, does Higgins not only manipulate Eliza’s language, but her feelings as well?

Ruth Brauer-Kvam takes a new look at a beloved production with a fantastic ensemble, blowing away the dust that has accumulated over the years and allowing My Fair Lady to shine once again in its old-new brilliance!

Recommended from 9 years


Stage direction
Robert Herzl
Set design
Rolf Langenfass
Costume design
Rolf Langenfass
Based on a choreography by
Susanne Kirnbauer
Choreographie nach
Gerhard Senft
Choir director
Roger Díaz-Cajamarca