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Johannes Schadl

Johannes Schadl, born in Graz, has been working as a light designer since 2010 and has been part of the lighting team at Graz Opera under the direction of Sebastian Alphons since 2018. He creates light and video installations for events, gala evenings, concert productions, opera and dance. He made his debut at Graz Opera in 2018 with his lighting for Andreas Heise’s ballet Sandmann – a collaboration that continued with Schwanengesang in Graz and Lamento for the Stuttgart Ballet. At the Schwetzingen and Bregenz Festivals, he was responsible for the lighting in the opera Captain Nemos Bibliothek by Johannes Kalitzke, staged by Christoph Werner. This was followed in Graz by his light designs for the opera Mario und der Zauberer, directed by Christian Thausing, the children’s opera Gold!, the ballet premieres Tan(z)Go! and Ans Ende der Zeit (choreography: Beate Vollack), Rotkäppchen and Der Tod und das Mädchen (choreography: Sascha Pieper), Der Wolf (choreography: Morgann Runacre-Temple) and as part of the Bach Variations programme Strings Attached (choreography: Anne Jung) and Kepler-67c (choreography: Pablo Girolamo). In April 2024, his light design for the Der Bürger als Edelmann (staging: Matthias Rippert, choreography: Louis Stiens) will be premiered at Oper Graz. In January 2025, Johannes Schadl will make his debut at the Vienna Volksoper with his lighting for KaiserRequiem in Andreas Heise’s team.