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The orchestra of the Volksoper Wien, which looks back on a history and tradition of more than 100 years, is stylistically very versatile. The 98 musicians primarily shape the performances in the Volksoper Wien's repertoire, which includes the genres of opera, operetta, musical and ballet. Since September 2022, Omer Meir Wellber has been the orchestra's music director, who now also promotes the symphonic activities of the orchestra within the framework of a newly initiated concert series.

Already in its early history, the orchestra was influenced by important artistic personalities, for example, it's first music director was Alexander Zemlinsky (1904-1911). The two Viennese premieres of Tosca (1907) and Salome (1910) at the Volksoper Wien also date from this period. In its further history, the orchestra was influenced by personalities such as composer Oskar Nedbal and conductors such as Asher Fisch, Bertrant de Billy, Marc Piollet or Leopold Hager in leading positions.

The tradition of Viennese operetta is as much an artistic concern of the orchestra as the cultivation of contemporary musical languages: World premieres and first performances of works by composers such as Marius Felix Lange and Detlev Glanert have been performed with great success in recent years and will be complemented by the world premiere of a new operetta by Moritz Eggert. In recent years, the Volksoper Wien Orchestra has also performed on international stages as part of numerous tours (especially in Japan and Finland).


Prof. Bettina Gradinger

Univ.Prof. Vesna Stanković-Moffatt

Anne Harvey-Nagl

1st violin

Makiko Nakamura

Mag. Huiseung Yoo

MMag. Natalia Polukord

Mag. Helga Pöcherstorfer

Mag. Ai Miwa

Clara Zmrzlik

Oliver Pastor

Mag. Damir Orascanin

Mag. Anna Maria Gollonitsch

Ion Scripcaru

Shin Sakai BA

Katharina Dobrovich

Feliks Harutyunyan MA

Mag. Viktor Novikov

2nd violin

Ursula Greif

Natalija Isakovic

Kota Morikawa

Mag. Maya Ito

Gertrude Kaufmann

Ursula Rappl

Kristin Koblitz

Mag. Dejana Golocevac

Mag. Helena Königseder

Mag. Aleksandra Buczek

Yana Svistunova MA

Yurika Shima

Solo viola

Peter Sagaischek

Aurore Nozomi Cany


Junko Nagai

Mag. Magdalena Eber

Kurt Hintermayr

Anett Homoki

Mary Motschman MA

Mag. Elizaveta Pfiester

Sanae Akita, MA

Nicholas Hughes, MPerf

Eva Klambauer BA

Solo cello

Ricardo Bru

Roland Lindenthal


Andreas Kocsis

Michael Williams

Sibylle Honeck

Julian Kalmar

Mag. Ilana Tjumjanceva

Benedikt Hellsberg

Solo double bass

Tomas Petöcz

Jakob Hornbachner MA

Double bass

Octavian Maxim MA

Tommaso Huber

Mag. Elisabeth Sánchez Herrera

Tivadar Mohácsi BA

Mag. Pawel Dudys


Prof. Mariagrazia Pistan-Zand

Gabriela Mossyrsch


Mag. Birgit Ramsl

Mag. Anneliese Fuchsluger

Mag. Renate Linortner

Eva-Maria Fandl, BA


Mag. Andreas Pöttler

Katharina Kratochwil BA

Prof. Josef Bednarik

Mag. Silvio Trachsel


Prof. Mag. Helmut Hödl

Florian Mühlberger, MA

Michael Lauf

Mag. Elisabeth Krenn, BA


Prof. Maximilian Feyertag

Univ.Prof. Bianca Schuster

Bernhard Gabriel

Prof. Michael Zottl


Mag. Raphael Stöffelmayr

Mag. Manuel Egger MA

Franz Obermüller

Oliver Molnar

Gerhard Kulmer

Reinhard Zmölnig

Karl Hofer

Prof. Mag. Erich Saufnauer


Michael Schwaighofer

Daniel Neumann MA

Mag. Lorenz Raab

Andreas Aichinger BA BA


Mag. Christian Eisenhut

Ines Zeitlhofer BA, BA

Christoph Gems

Prof. Peter Gallaun

Christian Poitinger


Robert Schweiger


Prof. Manfred Kaufmann

Univ.-Prof. Sebastian Brugner-Luiz

Mag. Sebastian Pauzenberger BA


Manfred Radner

Mag. Peter Dullnig

Florian Klinger

Dominic Feichtinger BA

Lucas Salaun MA

Orchestra office

Sascha Akbarian


Christoph Gems

Orchestra inspector

Damir Mustafic


Ernad Dzananovic


Emir Kulacic